The Zimbabwean Weblog Awards

March 13, 2006

The Inaugural Zimbabwean BlogAwards

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It is BlogAwards week in South Africa, so we decided to have our turn too.
Considering we may not have electricity for much longer, without further adieu,
we present to you, the first ever Zimbabwean BlogAwards.

Listed below you will find a number of categories with the appropriate
Zimbabwean blog nominations underneath. Peruse your options carefully.
Visit the sites and evaluate their content with a keen eye. The stakes are
high with the winner in each category taking home a staggering 2006 $Zim.
Once you have selected your choice in each category, submit it via email.

Bear in mind, this is a democratic country, so your vote will only be counted
once per day (if at all). Remember, voting closes when we have enough
votes, so get yours in now!

Enough of that, here are the nominations (disqualifications crossed out):

Zimbabwean blog of 2005 – The best of the best

Most humourous Zimbabwean blog – Morgan Tsvangirai online

Best post on a Zimbabwean blog – The one post which took game for 2005

Best overseas Zimbabwean blog – Written by a Zimbabwean in any foreign country

These traitors can no longer call themselves Zimbabweans. They must go live with Blair.
Best writing on a Zimbabwean blog – Humour, attention to detail…captivating

Best Zimbabwean blog about politics – The best Zimbabwean blog featuring mainly a political theme

Best Zimbabwean photographic blog – The best Zimbabwean blog featuring original photographic content

Best Zimbabwean group blog – The best Zimbabwean blog featuring more than one writer

Best new blog – Best blog which was started during the year of 2005

Best Zimbabwean blog about food – The best blog written mainly about food or drink

Best Zimbabwean blog about tech – Best Zimbabwean technology focused weblog

(Due to technical difficulties we are unable to present this category this year)
Best Zimbabwean lifestyle blog – Best blog of lifestyle type content

Best design for a blog – Best overall design and layout of a weblog page

Remember, you can only vote for one valid option per category per day.

Best of luck to all the nominees!!!






FYI. These are not real awards for bloggers. This is a parody site. However, all the links are to real sites, with mostly real facts. In my opinion, all Zimbabwean bloggers deserve medals for fighting for freedom from a vile oppressor. Many Zimbabweans die every day as a direct result of Robert Mugabe’s actions, while the surrounding countries’ governments, South Africa for instance, feign ignorance.

Show these bloggers your support by browsing their sites, linking to their stories and joining their conversation. – Shaun Dewberry


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